The 10 Best Backpack Beach Chairs

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Made for beach lovers, picnic enthusiast and outdoor adventurers, these backpack chairs allow you to relax in nature. The hands-free design makes carrying all your essentials less cumbersome. Our list includes models with useful built-in features like coolers, cupholders, towel racks, headrests, zippered pockets, cell phone holders and other bells and whistles.

Best Backpack Beach Chairs

10. GigaTent Stool Backpack Beach Chairs

Thanks to the cooler bag and zippered pocket, you can use the GigaTent Stool to carry snacks and gear. This lightweight yet sturdy option is available in camouflage, red or grey. While it’s a bargain, after sitting for an extended period the bars can dig into your legs.

  • More compact than other models
  • Small for an adult
  • No back support

9. Rio Gear Lounge Backpack Beach Chairs

The Rio Gear Lounge is designed for people looking to stretch out, as it boasts 72 inches from top to bottom. Available in three colorful striped patterns, this choice includes a large storage pouch that’s great for carrying drinks, towels and more.

  • Affordable price
  • Doesn’t always lock into place
  • Not as stable as other models

8. Ostrich On Your Back Backpack Beach Chairs

The uncommon arm and face holes make the Ostrich On Your Back a great choice if you like lounging face down. This model is availed in four solid colors – blue, neon, red or magenta – as well as white and blue stripes. It features a cupholder and 5 reclining positions.

  • Wide seating area
  • No pockets or pouches
  • Bulkier than other models

7. Oniva Fusion Backpack Beach Chairs

The Oniva Fusion is made for people who like to have everything in one place. It incorporates a cooler, a side table, layered hanging pockets and cupholders. This durable model also includes a ribbed seat and back cushion for comfort and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • More expensive than many
  • Does not recline

6. Rio Gear Lace-Up Backpack Beach Chairs

Thanks to a detachable Velcro pillow, 4 reclining levels and tilt lock protection the Rio Gear Lace-Upoffers comfortable seating at an affordable price. Available in solid colors or striped patterns, this model includes a cupholder and a big pocket.

  • Durable fabric seat
  • Doesn’t recline fully
  • Somewhat tricky to fold up

5. Rio Brands Big Boy Backpack Beach Chairs

The Rio Brands Big Boy is an excellent choice for large and tall people as it boasts an extra wide seat that can be raised up to 13 inches off the sand. This recliner adjusts to four angles and incorporates a cupholder and a plus-size pouch.

  • Seat and back bands add support
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Reinforced stitching

4. Tommy Bahama Lace Up Backpack Beach Chairs

While its padded arm straps, ductile suspension and adjustable pillow demonstrate the Tommy Bahama Lace Up was designed for comfort, its makers didn’t forget functionality. This model includes a cupholder, a storage bag, a small zippered pouch and a cell phone pocket.

  • Economical choice
  • Quality materials
  • Brackets lock to prevent tilting

3. Rio Gear Ultimate Backpack Beach Chairs

Whether you like to lie flat or sit up straight you’ll find the angle that suits you with the Rio Gear Ultimate , which features 5 reclining positions. It’s also an economical choice considering the built-in cooler, cupholder, cell phone pouch and large zippered pocket.

  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Good ventilation
  • Includes a towel rack

2. Life Is Good Beach Chair Backpack Beach Chairs

The Life Is Good Beach Chair is designed for comfort and versatility. It features 5 reclining positions, a backrest support bar and an adjustable headrest. A detachable cooler and zippered pouch make it easy to fill up, unpack and clean up your snacks and equipment.

  • Generously wide seat
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Sturdy construction

1. Tommy Bahama Cooler Backpack Beach Chairs

Loaded with a pillow, a cupholder, a side pouch, an insulated cooler, a zippered pocket and a towel rack, the Tommy Bahama Cooler can be adjusted to 5 positions. This durable model supports up to 300 pounds and is available in eight colored patterns.

  • One year warranty
  • Rust-free aluminum frame
  • Rubber carrying handle

Enjoy Getting a Tan? Go For Backpack Beach Chairs!

Do you love the sea? If you do, then you must like to remain on the beach from dawn till dusk, right? If this is true, then backpack beach chairs are just the right option for you. If you feel ashamed of yourself for being a victim to certain physical disabilities, you need not worry any more. These chairs are an excellent option to spend such lovely time with your family and friends.

When you go rock climbing or take your family for a picnic or to the beach, it always seems that you do not have adequate hands. You might carry your provisions in a backpack, but if you want to have a comfortable seating arrangement then you’ve got to carry your folding chair along with you. But did you know there is now a solution to this problem? Its just a backpack beach chair.

This is a very easy way to carry your folding chair and all your other provisions when you hit the beach or you are on a hiking trip. These are called a backpack beach chairs, and it puts everything on your back so that your hands are let free. These seats are simply great for your whole family.

Backpack beach chairs come in a wide range of sizes. These are pretty long-lasting and don’t wear out under prolonged use. A day on the beach is just perfect for these chairs. You no longer need to keep lying on the burning sand. Just unfold your chair, and you will be having a comfortable seat. Some of these chairs also have the provision to recline, so that you can enjoy a sunbath. If you do not wish to be under the direct rays of the sun, you can even get a canopy that will fit over your chair.

The backpack has ample storage space for a day’s provisions. In fact, you can even find some backpack beach chairs having a cooler built in them. This could be perfect for those days when you just want to hit your favorite spot on the sea-beach. You just need to pack your food and drinks in your cooler backpack.

One of the finest things about these items is their affordability. You can get one of these for less than a hundred dollars. This is a good bargain as these chairs serve a number of different purposes. In today’s day and age, it is good to know there are still products in the market that provide value for the money. If you wish to obtain one of these for yourself, you may visit the site They will provide you with a good variety of these and you can be sure that you would hit upon just the one you had been looking for