The 10 Best Mosquito Traps


Mosquitoes are not only incredibly annoying, but they’re also dangerous, as they can carry harmful diseases, including West Nile and Zika. You can take back your yard with mosquito traps, which come in a variety of models that generally use either UV lights or CO2 to draw these bugs in, then eradicate them. For the best results, utilize a trap in conjunction with other reduction strategies.

10. Dynatrap 1/2 Acre Mosquito Traps

This Dynatrap 1/2 Acre has a two-pronged approach to skeeter elimination, since it uses both a UV light and a titanium dioxide coated surface to lure insects into its retaining cage, where they dehydrate and expire. It even offers a sleek and sophisticated styling.

  • Can be operated 24-7
  • Rugged hanging loop
  • Better at attracting moths

9. Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps

The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac uses propane to emit CO2 and attract your biting nuisances, trapping them with a vacuum and sticky paper once they’ve reached the machine. As with all CO2 models, it should only be used outdoors for your safety.

  • Helpful security spikes
  • Propane tank not included
  • Should be more durable for the cost

8. Summit Mosquito Dunks Mosquito Traps

You can stop your problem before it starts with Summit Mosquito Dunks , which you place into standing water to kill larvae for up to 30 days. As a bonus, they are safe for pets and wildlife, so you don’t have to stress about accidental poisoning.

  • Come in packs of 6 or 20
  • Extra-long shelf life
  • Won’t help with existing bugs

7. Cypropid Trap Lamp Mosquito Traps

With just a glance at the Cypropid Trap Lamp , you might think it’s a humidifier or some other appliance, but it’s actually a USB-powered UV light model that’s compact enough to sit right on your desk. In fact, at less than 2 pounds, it’s even pretty portable.

  • Includes usb cable
  • Auto on-off mode available
  • Not as effective as some others

6. Dynatrap XL Mosquito Traps

The Dynatrap XL seems to provide mixed results, as some people swear by it, while other users can’t get it to kill mosquito one. It’s relatively quiet and sturdy, however, and doesn’t require any refills of expensive or toxic chemicals.

  • Long 7-foot cord
  • Dehydrates rather than zaps insects
  • Pricey for the effectiveness

5. Aspectek Electronic Mosquito Traps

The Aspectek Electronic draws insects in with its UV light, just like many other models, but unlike the others, it doesn’t have the unsightly bug zapper aesthetic. It’s got a removable waste drawer that’s a snap to remove, too.

  • Screen prevents accidental contact
  • Handy chain for hanging
  • Also great for fruit flies

4. Hot Shot No-Pest Strip Mosquito Traps

If you’re worried about keeping the insects at bay in an area you only use occasionally, like a shed, then the Hot Shot No-Pest Strip is an option to consider. It releases a vapor that protects for up to 4 months, but you shouldn’t breathe this for more than 4 hours a day.

  • No electricity required
  • Completely odorless
  • Not for use inside the home

3. Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra Mosquito Traps

If you’ve got the cash to spend, the Mega-Catch Pro 900 Ultra brings high-tech skeeter slaughter to your yard with its ability to mimic sensory signals and draw in bugs from around 150 feet away or closer. There’s also the option to add a CO2 cylinder.

  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Stimuli settings are adjustable
  • All-weather casing

2. Thermacell Armored Mosquito Traps

Although the Thermacell Armored is more repeller and less trap, it’s nevertheless a fine option for creating a 15-foot protection zone without spraying chemicals all over your body or dealing with smoking candles. Each fuel cartridge lasts for up to 12 hours.

  • Quiet and won’t disturb sleepers
  • Sturdy rubberized exterior
  • Good for hunting and fishing

1. Katchy Black Supernova Mosquito Traps

You won’t have to worry about breathing in chemicals with the Katchy Black Supernova , a UV light option that features both a fan and a glue board to keep insects from flying away once they’ve been lured in. Plain and sleek, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb, either.

  • Comes in black or white
  • Just about 9 inches tall
  • Covers up to 320 square feet

How it works?

With the e-fly swatter, you just have to wave it towards the mosquito or fly. And then the 1500 voltage charge will zap the insect and kill them instantly. Well, you can sure that there will be no mess later on. You do not need to wipe the tennis racket and clean it. You also do not have to place a newspaper around and you will also not get a tennis arm syndrome for sure.