The 10 Best Picnic Baskets


It’s time to stop shoving your bags of chips, apples, and sandwiches in recycled plastic bags when you want to enjoy a meal in the park. These picnic baskets let you dine wherever you’d like in a refined manner, and come with everything you need to keep food fresh and tidy in transit. Many are attractive enough to give as gifts or use as decorative storage.

Best Picnic Baskets

10. VaultSac 4-Person Set Picnic Baskets

All you need to add to the VaultSac 4-Person Set is your food and drinks and you’re ready to enjoy lunch in the great outdoors. It includes a small bamboo table that features a stake you stick in the ground to keep it stable.

  • Includes four cotton napkins
  • Table has holders for wine glasses
  • Heavy even empty at nearly 11 pounds

9. Picnic Time Country Picnic Baskets

When you’re feeling whimsical, pack up the Picnic Time Country and head for a meadow. It sports a cute gingham liner, though striped and checkered are available, too. It’s also a nice choice to take to the farmer’s market and fill with local produce and other specialties.

  • Two lids for easy access
  • Fabric comes out for cleaning
  • Wicker is darker than in photos

8. Inno Stage Willow Hamper Picnic Baskets

Make yourself comfortable on the soft fleece blanket in the Inno Stage Willow Hamper without fear of spills, since it’s stain resistant. Its navy blue and white-striped lining makes this perfect for a day at the beach. It even looks a bit like a treasure chest when closed.

  • Attractive faux leather straps
  • Rust-resistant rivets
  • Includes salt and pepper shakers

7. Picnic Time Verona Picnic Baskets

When you’re simply craving a cocktail and appetizers in the park before heading indoors for a full meal, the Picnic Time Verona is just right. It has Velcro straps to hold two bottles of wine, along with the included glasses, and a quality hardwood cutting board.

  • Comes with a cheese knife
  • Nice engagement or wedding present
  • Only room for cheese and crackers

6. Picnic At Ascot 400-AW Picnic Baskets

Lugging all the favorite dishes of picky eaters on your next outing is simpler with the Picnic At Ascot 400-AW . It can hold up to 65 pounds, so feel free to pack it as full as you want without worrying about it bursting while you are carrying it.

  • Several print and color options
  • Quick-access exterior pocket
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

5. Picnic Time Charleston Premium Picnic Baskets

If you take your al fresco meals seriously, then the Picnic Time Charleston Premium is the only model for you. It has elegant stemless wine glasses, a full-sized serving board, and even a cheese paddle for fancy appetizers. No detail was overlooked, but it is expensive.

  • Includes an insulated tote bag
  • Comes with a bottle stopper
  • Beautiful patchwork quilt

4. Yodo Collapsible Family Size Picnic Baskets

If your home’s storage areas are a little crowded, then you’ll appreciate that the Yodo Collapsible Family Size does just what the name promises and packs down into a flat shape. The interior wipes clean easily and is leakproof to keep inside spills from getting out.

  • Comfortable padded handle
  • Zippers are easy to grip
  • Holds an 18-pack of cans

3. Juvale Deluxe Double Lid Picnic Baskets

Organizing the treats you’ve packed for your outing is easy with the Juvale Deluxe Double Lid . As the name suggests, it has two separate compartments — one of which contains a cooler bag — so your food and dinnerware will be stored safely apart from each other.

  • Three bottle holders
  • Neutral lining matches most blankets
  • Large carrying handle

2. Nature Gear 4-Person Hamper Picnic Baskets

The Nature Gear 4-Person Hamper is ready for your rural afternoon. Complete with a red and white checkered liner and a wicker exterior, it might take you back to a simpler time. It features straps to keep your dinnerware in place during transit.

  • The interior zippers shut
  • Sturdy ceramic plates
  • Includes a corkscrew

1. Picnic Time Deluxe Heart Picnic Baskets

Dining with the Picnic Time Deluxe Heart feels like taking the table settings from a high-end romantic restaurant with you to the park, beach, or wherever else you decide to enjoy an outdoor meal. It features porcelain plates and hand-blown wine glasses.

  • Durable stainless steel utensils
  • Elegant leatherette accessory straps
  • Includes matching linens

Picnic Accessories on Your Picnic

Picnic is the first term that enters into your mind whenever you think of spending quality time with family and friends. Picnics rejuvenate the mind and body. You get a chance being out in nature and having a great time with your loved ones.

However, going out on a picnic is not very easy. You can easily spoil the entire program without a well-planned schedule. Most of the time, picnic-goers forget to take many important things along. This spoils the entire event. Picnic accessories can make or break your event. It would not be wrong to say that the right picnic accessories can guarantee the success of your picnic. Hence, it is crucial to ensure taking requisite accessories to the picnic.

What are picnic accessories? The term will have a wide description. You will need numerous accessories in order to make your picnic a great success. These items are essentials in helping you to make a picnic comfortable, entertaining, and appetizing and a great success.

Did you know that choosing the right accessories could usually guarantee that your picnic is a success? If you are unsure of what an ideal picnic must contain, try to imagine what your ideal picnic would be like. What should it include to become an entertaining and memorable affair for you? Once this is clear, you will be able to know all about picnic accessories. Picnic wine cooler, willow picnic basket, utensils, disposable plates and spoons are some of the best options.

Here are some important ideas on these accessories to allow you to enjoy a wonderful outing.

The most important is the container that carries everything else safely. A willow basket or a collapsible basket will be the ideal choice in this case. You can also go for a personalized canvas basket. The only thing you need to do is to choose the picnic basket wisely.

Make sure it is spacious enough to store all your picnic accessories. It should also be lightweight and easy to carry. Since a single picnic basket can become difficult to carry around due to its weight or bulkiness, it is wise to carry two. This will allow for the ease of walking. Two smaller willow picnic baskets will suffice depending on the number of people and accessories.

Paper plates, spoons, forks, tissues, folding sports chair, umbrella, toys, chilled salad bowls and servers, backpacks, totes, cutting boards etc. are some of the must to have accessories that you cannot do without.