The 10 Best Smokers Stations


Whether you own a business or apartment building or simply need one for your home, a smokers’ station is a must for any property where cigarette butt litter is an issue. Our list contains units constructed from durable, all-weather materials and includes everything from commercial-grade models perfect for restaurant entrances and hotel lobbies to space-saving designs ideal for a patio or backyard.

Best Smokers Stations

10. Eagle 1205 Smokers Stations

Colored in a can’t-miss yellow and clearly labeled in black, the Eagle 1205 is FM-approved and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its galvanized steel base will snuff out cigarettes within a few minutes, and it comes apart easily for cleaning and waste removal.

  • Especially good for residential use
  • Keeps residual smoke to a minimum
  • Plastic neck is a bit flimsy

9. Black Site Saver Smokers Stations

With its wide base and appealing hexagonal shape, the Black Site Saver features a handy keyhole opening and oxygen-restricting technology that enable you to safely smother your smoke and dispose of it without having to actually touch the unit with your bare hands.

  • Holds up to five gallons
  • Very easy to empty
  • Needs additional reinforcement

8. Alpine Industries All-In-One Smokers Stations

Practical and compact, the Alpine Industries All-In-One is outfitted with two restricted openings that prevent people from attempting to rid themselves of non-cigarette waste. You’ll also feel at ease knowing that it can be securely mounted to a wall and is lockable.

  • Built to last for years
  • Uncomplicated to install
  • Corners are rather sharp

7. Safco Ash And Trash Smokers Stations

The Safco Ash And Trash is a straightforward, square repository topped with a slotted snuffer for extinguishing cigarettes. It offers a three-gallon capacity that makes it effortless for passersby and residents to dispose of their butts without creating an unsightly mess.

  • Steel with chrome accents
  • Doesn’t require any sand
  • Too small for high-volume locations

6. Aarco Cigarette Smokers Stations

A receptacle with a sophisticated touch, the sheeny Aarco Cigarette is a stylish option that’s available in satin, gold, or black. Designed to fit in seamlessly with modern decor, it mounts to the wall via a removable bracket and is crafted from a high-quality aluminum.

  • Can withstand extreme conditions
  • A discreet choice for restaurants
  • Cannot be locked down

5. Rubbermaid Steel Smokers Stations

If you’re seeking to manage light cigarette butt litter for an upscale environment, the decorative and durable Rubbermaid Steel is an elegant, freestanding urn that best serves enclosed or protected spaces where it won’t be exposed to strangers with sticky fingers.

  • Also available with a trash opening
  • Ideal for lobbies and hallways
  • Tray lifts off for cleaning

4. Commercial Zone Patio Outpost Smokers Stations

Your employees or tenants will appreciate the American-made Commercial Zone Patio Outpost for its convenient, fifteen-inch, bistro tabletop design, as they’ll have ample space to set down whatever accoutrements they have in hand while they enjoy their cigarette break.

  • Great for placing poolside
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Top portion is removable

3. Forte Products Receptacle Smokers Stations

Crafted using tough, impact-resistant plastic that’s UV-stabilized, the Forte Products Receptacle can take a beating and will maintain its like-new appearance for years. It features a galvanized, rustproof inner sleeve that’s simple to remove without soiling your hands.

  • Slim and unobtrusive
  • Made in the united states
  • Minimizes odors near doorways

2. Justrite Cease Fire Smokers Stations

Perfect for your apartment building, small patio, or similar tight space, the compact Justrite Cease Fire is the right size to service a light smoking area and is handicap accessible. Crafted from all-weather polyethylene, it’s FM-approved and fire tested for safety.

  • Comes with a 1-gallon bucket
  • Flame-retardant construction
  • Self-extinguishing design

1. Rubbermaid Metropolitan Smokers Stations

The all-metal Rubbermaid Metropolitan is a slim, contemporary model that’s deceptively capacious. It’s easy to empty its tough liner, and it can be bolted firmly to the ground in order to thwart thieves or other ne’er-do-wells who get the urge to tip it over.

  • Uni-koat powder-coated finish
  • Secure keyed entry
  • Stable and weighted